Quality assurance

Noricom strives to provide the best interpreters possible. We always prioritize interpreters with the highest possible level of education and training, who have passed the various accreditation and authorization examinations offered by relevant authorities. However, given that this system has its shortcomings, and the considerable demand for interpretation services, Noricom has, in addition, developed its own quality assurance programme.

All prospective interpreters are tested thoroughly, both orally and in writing. In an in-depth interview, the candidate gets a detailed presentation of what interpreting entails, and of our quality requirements. During this interview, we also assess the candidate’s suitability for the profession.

Provided the candidate passes this initial part of the quality assurance programme, he or she is required to complete Noricom’s interpreter training. The training covers both theory and practice, and offers a general introduction to interpretation ethics and techniques, interpretation for attorneys in connection with asylum applications, legal and courtroom interpretation, medical and social services-related interpretation, etc.

Upon completing the training, the new interpreter can accompany an experienced interpreter on a “buddy assignment” to see how interpretation works in practice.

Noricom wants to provide the best possible interpreters at all times, and therefore encourages both new and experienced interpreters to pursue further education in the field.

NORICOM’s quality system conforms to the standard ISO 9001:2008 standard - Quality management systems. All procedures are closely monitored to satisfy the requirements and wishes of our customers.